A Bug’s Life

I am one for exaggerating to drive a point home, but really — this was too many beetles to count and they just. kept. coming.



I started this blog as a way to track the progress on the garden, the house, and the adventures that Minnesota would bring us. I wanted to have documentation of our day-to-day with a bit more than what I would put on Instagram.

Take a Seat

This is our home. We are not renting, passing through, or living here temporarily. Just as Aaron cares deeply about the land, what we plant, and how we grow everything, I care about every single nook and cranny in this house – and how they are filled.

It’s the Inside that Counts

What is now a charming-on-the-outside//gutted-on-the-inside structure was originally the outdoor kitchen for our house.  For anyone who hasn’t been to Minnesota during the summer, it gets hot and excessively humid – enough to have the cook kicked out the front door in an effort to not make a hot-house even hotter while preparing dinner.