A House With Stairs

Our closing date is less than two weeks away, and as a result, the move is starting to feel much more like a reality instead of a far off dream.  Instead of being consumed by everything that has not yet happened (who needs a job anyway?), I am now being overwhelmed with excitement, anticipation, and faith that everything will work out just as it should.

I am remembering the day we first pulled up to the property and knew before I even opened the car door:  this was it.  This house would change the course of our lives forever.  I remember watching my son dance around the house while he gave a video recorded tour and referred to it as “our house.”  I remember telling our agent to do whatever it took to get this house.  I remember watching my calm, level-headed husband become giddy with excitement at the opportunities he would have at a place like this.  I remember walking through the house with tears in my eyes thinking it could never be ours.

I now have a 7-year-old son who is so excited for space to play, a tree house to build, and stairs in his house (all of which he specifically asked for when we first talked about moving).  So far the only disappointment is the fact there will not be snow when we arrive in June…but there’s always a chance.  It is Minnesota after all!


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