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No one ever told me about the underlying constant feeling of nausea when going through a process like buying a dream home.  The fear of something falling through/not coming together/sellers backing out – it’s real and that fear can take a shocking amount of energy and brain power.  If I were doing this without the support of a smart, amazing husband and two incredible parents, I would have never gotten through this.  Oh, and lots of crying while driving to work and listening to The 1975 can work wonders on stress reduction (pro-tip).

The closing itself was smooth and extremely anti-climactic, so let’s skip right past that and get to the good stuff.

The Seller’s.  I will refrain from using names, so let’s stick with The Sellers for privacy’s sake.  I knew from the moment I saw the house online that I wanted to be friends with the family that was selling it.  The house was so clearly loved, lived in, and had life happening all around it – and that was just from seeing pictures on Redfin.  I consider one of the best parts of our move and buying this house the friendship we now have with The Seller’s.  I have never purchased a home before, but I can’t imagine it is standard protocol to come across a family this generous, kind, and all around cool.

We were able to spend a day at the house with The Seller’s and it was pure magic.  Think about that.  Spending a full day at your future home with the family that knows everything about it.  What a unique opportunity!  Felix got to play with their boys (SIX HOURS on the trampoline) while we learned everything we could ever want to know about the history of the house and property (including a discovery of two German headstones from 1896 – sans bodies/grave sites, so it’s ok).  To be able to move into our house in a few short months and already know so much about it and what to expect is more than I could have ever asked for, although I am certain there still are plenty of surprises in store for us.




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