The Calvin and Hobbes Life

When I first started telling close friends about our decision to move from San Francisco to a small town in Minnesota, I usually started out cautiously and with extra explanation behind our decision.  I felt it necessary to list out all the reasons why – this wasn’t due to a lack of enthusiasm or belief that this wasn’t the right decision – it was because I didn’t know if anyone would get it (and that’s ok – but aren’t big life changes a bit easier when someone gets it?).

Then I told my friend Sam.  As I was launching into my long list of reasons why, he stopped me and said, “I get it.  You want the Calvin and Hobbes life for Felix.”  And just like that, I knew I didn’t need to say another word.  No explanation needed – with one sentence, he removed any and all doubt.  I suppose that’s what friends are for.

I got to see Sam one last time the other night at a good-bye party.  Sam showed up and handed me this painting.  And again, no explanation was needed.  He put us into our very own Calvin and Hobbes lifestyle in Minnesota.


I failed to adequately express my gratitude both in person and over text, so I am hoping a blog post and old-fashioned Thank You note will at least begin to tell him what this means to my family.  I never cease to be amazed when someone takes the times to use their talent in the form of a gift.


My favorite part is the accurate representation and placement of our tattoos, as well as Felix in his underwear (real life – ALWAYS in his underwear).

I hope to be the friend Sam was to me that day (and continues to be) – the friend that stops explanations in their tracks, removes all doubt with a single sentence, and brings the comfort of true understanding in the form of art.


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