It’s the Inside that Counts

There is a little building on our property that immediately stole my heart.  I don’t know if it’s the turquoise door, black framed windows, or the pure charm of it, but I love each and every detail.  I love it so much that I think I have about a million photos of it already (and I’ve only lived here for 2.5 weeks).  What is now a charming-on-the-outside//gutted-on-the-inside structure was originally the outdoor kitchen for our house.  For anyone who hasn’t been to Minnesota during the summer, it gets hot and excessively humid – enough to have the cook kicked out the front door in an effort to not make a hot-house even hotter while preparing dinner.  And so, the outdoor kitchen was created.


We have spent countless hours brainstorming what to do with this sweet little structure and have yet to come to a family consensus.  Smoke House (Hamburg Hams?  Yes please).  Ladies Lounge (no explanation needed).  Hot Cocoa Parlor.  Whiskey tasting room.  Airbnb studio.  The list goes on and ideas are welcome (comment below!).

Although that decision is, well, undecided, our garden has a plan and is moving along.   Like all plans, ours has changed, evolved, and become better with time.  My husband set out to make garden beds out of woven sticks and branches.  The beds not only look beautiful, but also keep bunnies out and are a unique alternative to a more traditional raised bed.  We have acres of forest on our property, so finding sticks should be no problem.  Finding willowy, flexible sticks in the right size?  Far more challenging.  Aaron spent a good amount of time collecting, bending, weaving, and shaking his fist at the sticks.  Although you may not see us with twenty of these beds in our yard, we do have one to start us off and it is definitely a keeper.


Aaron found an old fence in our forest and was able to use it to keep larger critters out of the garden.  Also helps to keep wives and children out of his space as needed.


I am tired just looking at the detail shot of the weaving.  Aaron lined the bed with burlap before adding in his soil.  This keeps the soil in while still allowing water to filter out.  Also acts as a natural alternative to other bed liners you can find.


We stopped by a farmer’s market today and were thrilled to find out the farmer was giving away all of her left over plants.  Although it’s a bit late in the season to be planting some of these, we wanted to give it a try to see what we end up with.


Felix has been helping in the garden.  He spent last evening watering just as it started to rain, to which he said, “I think God is helping me with this thing.”  Yes.  Yes He is.


IMG_4739My garden masterminds.


3 thoughts on “It’s the Inside that Counts

  1. What a wonderful place you have there. Excited for your family. Can’t wait to see what you do with the charming little room. At first glance, I thought a veggie stand if it’s anywhere near the road.


  2. A sweet start. The woven beds are beautiful, but not tall enough to keep bunnies out. My rabbits jump up 3′! Good thing you added the wire fencing. Best of luck.


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