Take a Seat

Chairs.  We need lots of them.  Moving from a two bedroom apartment into a seemingly (for us) never-ending farmhouse means we have a serious lack of seating options.  Like most people, my budget and my design style do not always line up.  I would turn this place into an Anthro catalog if I could, but turns out having a mortgage and bills changes the way we think about shopping.

However.  This is our home.  We are not renting, passing through, or living here temporarily.  Just as Aaron cares deeply about the land, what we plant, and how we grow everything, I care about every single nook and cranny in this house – and how they are filled.  I have been beyond pleasantly surprised to discover a mind-blowing vintage and second-hand market in Minnesota.  We try to buy second-hand whenever we can, but have not always been successful in matching a specific style or product I am looking for.  That all changed when we moved here and started looking around, specifically for chairs.  It seems as though every room has a perfect spot for a chair or two.  We have a long way to go, but I wanted to document our finds and show some befores before I get too far along with the afters.


She needs some work, but this is my favorite chair of all time.  It might be because my favorite rug of all time is sitting right infront (thanks The Elegant Nomad!).   This Channel Back chair was being used as a display in Shop 501 and Company and was hidden under loads of other items for sale.  Most likely from the 40’s/50’s with original upholstery still on.   I dug her out, asked for a price, and snatched her up for $30.  The end goal is to reupholster and add new foam/batting, but I am head over heels for this fabric and have yet to find anything remotely close to it.  If someone has ideas on where to find this, let me know (the dusty pink with metallic and texture is key):


For the kitchen island, I ordered low back gold stools from Amazon only have them delivered in a terrible green/gold hue.  It’s the first time I have ever written an Amazong review (pictures included) and I am thrilled I returned them because I was able to grab these three vintage stools of Facebook Swap and Shop.  These will also get new fabric and batting in the (very) near future.


The next Facebook find ended up completing a room.  I bought two chairs thinking they would be perfect for our happy hour room.  After picking them up, the seller contacted me and said she had a third matching chair and she would sell it for a good price it I took a side table off of her hands.  We walked away with three chairs a and a solid wood continental table (thanks to my mom for the definition of a lower table and chair set), all vintage and in great condition, for $100.  These chairs were on my list for reupholstery, but now that we have them in the library and with this very non-side table, we will keep them as is for now.


We bought this vintage reupholstered chair for our library on a whim at Carver Junk Company because….well, look at it:


And finally, our dining chairs.  These belonged to my grandparents and were passed down to us a few years back.  I had been holding onto the original upholstery since it was special.  It was special and it was dingy and gross from years of use (having a toddler in the mix didn’t help).  My mom took one look at them said it was time to give them an update.  I figured if she was ok with it, then I should be too.  We went with a textured turquoise velvet to match a painting in our Happy Hour room.  Thrilled with the end results from SpotOn Upholstery:


While I’ve been moving chairs from room to room, flipping through swatch books, and scouring Facebook Marketplace for vintage furniture, Aaron has been finding buckets of dead mice in the barn (yes – a mouse trap BUCKET full of seven dead mice), sweeping up rat poop, and disposing of a dead bunny I am fairly certain I literally scared to death while I was mowing today.  Hoping the rest of the week is slightly less gruesome than today.



Bucket of dead mice not pictured.




2 thoughts on “Take a Seat

  1. What an awesome old house. Love all the built in cabinets. Watching you and your family making it your own is fun to watch.


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