A Bug’s Life

I got an extra-large serving of farm life this weekend when lady bug look-a-like beetles decided to move into our house in droves.  I am one for exaggerating to drive a point home, but really — this was too many beetles to count and they just. kept. coming.  It was the kind of afternoon where I vacuumed them off of my ceiling for hours only to have it look like I did nothing moments later.

This was followed by finding hornet nests on our porch, about a million box elders covering our house and widows, an animal sized spider shaking her egg sac at me, discarded snake skins, zombie mosquitoes that were out for revenge, and FINALLY our baby kittens — all in one spot, all in/on/under the house.  The spider discovery put me over the edge, and since my husband was off corn picking in Nebraska, Felix and I did an emergency sleep over at my parents house.  I am fairly certain I packed up with a pace as though we were escaping a tornado rather than some bugs.

I expected to come home today to a beetle plague of biblical proportions.  I expected to walk in, turn around, and go right back to my parents house.  But instead, only 6 beetles remained (not counting our sun room — yikes) and I maintained my composure as I vacuumed up beetle bodies, re-assessed the spider, and noticed a tangible shift in the air towards fall.

A day later and about twenty degrees cooler, I can sit (type?) and see the good in this.  I now know that my neighbors turned dear friends will drop what they are doing to come look at a spider and tell me whether or not it will kill me (no) and point out it’s too big to come into my house (thank you for saying that).  They will get on their hands and knees to look through the cracks in our porch and try to see the kittens we could hear meowing  below.

I now my parents will not only let us come over with zero notice, but will great us with dinner and homemade banana cake.  They will come to my house the next day and my mom will take down beetles like it’s her job.  My dad will mow my lawn in 90 degree heat and will empty those bug bodies from the vacuum like it’s nothing.  They do all these things with grace, smiles, and love.

We moved to Minnesota for my family and what I hoped would be good friends in our town.  I did not expect to find the un-ending support, thoughtful compassion, humor when needed most, and an excitement to end everyday with the people I enjoy most.  So, where is the lesson in this?  Sometimes God uses beetles to lead you to kittens.  Thank you neighbor for pointing that out to me.


Felix pointing to the kittens living under the side porch, alongside Katniss, who refuses to show us her kittens.


Sometimes the side porch isn’t so bad.


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