A Bug’s Life

I am one for exaggerating to drive a point home, but really — this was too many beetles to count and they just. kept. coming.


Everything In Its Right Place

I have always been a touch jealous of Felix’s room, both in this house and in our old apartment.  He has good taste, loves to mix colors and patterns, and has a penchant for displaying his most treasured possessions on his nightstand — never far from reach.  


I started this blog as a way to track the progress on the garden, the house, and the adventures that Minnesota would bring us. I wanted to have documentation of our day-to-day with a bit more than what I would put on Instagram.

smack in the heart

Today, it finally happened. All of the nerves, excitement, sadness, and general sense of being overwhelmed hit my 7-year-old son smack in the heart. It came out of no where. 5 minutes into on our daily walk to school, he looked up to me and my husband and said, “I feel like crying, but I don’t know why.” And then the tears came and would not stop.